Family pleads for missing teen to make contact

September 06, 2023

By Paul Keane

The Wayne County News

Investigators are continuing the search for a 17-year-old male who went

missing on Aug. 20, with family members pleading for him to contact

someone and let them know he is OK.

Abdul Mohsin Mohamed, 17, was last seen leaving King Smokers on

Mississippi Drive at approximately 8 p.m. Sunday heading to the Burger

King located just up the road.

He never made it to Burger King and has not been seen nor heard from

since that time.

Mohamed is described as having black curly hair in a afro style that is

shoulder length and bushy. He is 5-feet, 10-inches tall and weighs

approximately 150 pounds. He is described as having a thin build.

On Tuesday, his uncle made a public plea asking for the teenager to

contact the family or law enforcement.

"I've been in contact with family members every day," said Ebrahim

Mohsen Ali Alkrnon. "I can't tell them anything because we have not

heard from him.

"We are asking that he please call a family member and let them know

that he is OK and safe."

The boy's father, Hussein Abdul Mohamed, is currently in Oakland,

Calif., tending to the boy's mother, who is in the hospital and in

serious condition.

On Aug. 21, a caller contacted officials to say she saw a person she

believed was Mohamed walking on Highway 84 toward the Alabama state

line. She then reported that the next day she saw the same person

walking out of the woods near New St. Paul Church Road. Officers were

sent to the area but could find no signs of someone staying in the woods

or surrounding area.

Waynesboro Police Department Investigations Commander Lieutenant Don

Hopkins said family members have been contacting him daily.

"He apparently left the area on his own accord," Hopkins said, pointing

to surveillance video from the Ramey's Mart parking lot showing the

teenager getting into a vehicle that then drove away. "He apparently has

two cell phones as well.

"One is a prepaid phone that is totally turned off. With the other one,

he turns it on and then immediately turns it off. We've not been able to

ping it in order to get a location on the phone."

Hopkins said the family simply wants to know that the teenager is safe.

"If he would just contact a family member so they can verify that it is

him and that he is OK, that would help the family greatly," Hppkins

said. "We urgently need to know that he is safe and OK.

"That is all the family wants. We won't stop searching for him until he

is located."

Anyone locating Mohamed --- of having information about his whereabouts

or his disappearance --- is asked to contact WPD Investigations

Commander Lieutenant Don Hopkins at 601-735-2323 or 911. When the phone

is answered, simply ask to be connected to Hopkins.

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